Corporate Volunteer Council

The Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is a membership group of 40+ corporate partners and their volunteer or community engagement staff. It’s a dynamic group of business professionals representing businesses that recognize the critical importance of community engagement. Member companies have existing or emerging volunteer and community involvement programs and work hard to promote volunteerism throughout the community. The CVC meets throughout the year to share best practices, strategies and to offer professional development trainings to its members. The CVC is committed to working towards increasing volunteerism and work-placed civic engagement.

Membership Benefits

  • A network of peers for learning and peer sharing.
  • Exposure to important issues facing Memphis and the Mid-South.
  • A collaborative environment focused on addressing community needs through coordinated, intentional volunteer activities and efforts.
  • Shared resources and professional development regarding volunteer leadership training in our community.
  • Commitment to collective impact through sharing of both qualitative and quantitative data that showcases the outcomes of our work in the community.

The CVC meetings are held monthly. These networking sessions provide a forum for discussion of employee engagement and volunteer program management, community issues, and volunteer opportunities. To learn more about the CVC or to become a member, contact the Director of Volunteer Memphis or email