2024 Nonprofit of the Year Nomination Form

2024 Nonprofit of the Year Nomination

  • The nominated organization demonstrates a commitment to outstanding volunteer management practices that results in significant, meaningful and measurable impact in the Mid-South community. This organization should offer dynamic volunteer program(s) and opportunities that are meaningful and engaging to its staff, volunteers and the community it serves.
  • Please list name of the Nonprofit's contact person. This person could be the Executive Director, Senior Leadership Member, or Board Chair.
  • Examples of Focus Areas: Arts & culture, environment, education, workforce development, health & wellness, COVID pandemic related engagement
  • Provide examples and other evidence (stories, quotes, data).
  • Provide example(s) of how the nonprofit has demonstrated successful outcomes by engaging in nonprofit competencies such as board, staff & volunteer development, strategic planning & program evaluation, financial management & resource development, diversity, inclusion & cultural competence, program development, marketing, ethical practice, and/or visionary leadership.